There is a fish bass (eng. bass), it is found mainly in lakes. In Russia the analogue of the bass is bass. Much like fishing and sports and fun. We can say that the bass is the main purpose of professional anglers.

In this game You are invited to catch bass from a boat. See, in the boat by two people. One controls the motor, and, accordingly, the movement of boats on the water, and the second catches. In this case, used for fishing vertical jigging. The control spool of a spinning — arrow keys: up and down, and mainly the lower button does the thing. Up tackle rises automatically as with fish and without. You need prilovchitsya. Move on the waters: the buttons right and left.

At each level You are given a task: you have to catch certain number of fish within a given time. A good bite and a good catch!

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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