Once upon a time there was an old man who was very fond of fishing, but he did not win the respect of the villagers. A meager catch every day, barely enough to feed them. You can hang yourself from such a life, but where can you get money for a rope? In the end, the old man left the house, left the family, sold all the valuables and bought a motor boat and a good fishing rod with all his savings. Now all he has left is the dream of becoming the greatest of fishermen.

Pan or go, there is no goal in this game other than to collect as much total score as possible. Move the motor boat with the mouse, click to lower and raise the fishing hook. It doesn't matter who the hook goes through, it will hook whatever it comes across on the way back to the boat. You are limited in time, but catching prey gives you a small delay. Avoid clouds and coward fishing, otherwise grandpa will get the worst fishing experience of his life.

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