Beautiful and interesting fishing! Beautifully drawn and computer fishing no less interesting! Check for yourself. You quietly swim by the boat to the secret fishing spot, morning, silence... Skewer the bait, throw the bait in anticipation of a bite and patiently waiting for her, surrounded by gentle waters. It is a state of mind, when I want to be alone, alone with their own thoughts, and relax.

But the underwater Kingdom sometimes likes to joke and catch You on the hook for, say, a tin can or candy. The garbage thrown into the water by rude tourists who do not like the water and don't care about it. Well, you can patiently to catch this crap to make the pond cleaner and the fish will thank You for this help with a good bite. Catch fish, moving from level to level and collect points, contemplating the pleasant views of the surrounding nature.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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