Friends, this arkanoid certainly deserves Your attention. Especially if You like to knock the ball tiles, beating his racket. In this version of the game take the best of the breakout, plus its implementation allows you to play not only on a desktop computer (PC), but on your tablet and smartphone. Thus, You have decent free game with lots of levels, with lots of settings and, importantly, including in Russian.

Well, if You nothing about the graphics and explain what it is and how to play them. So, the main elements of the game are: the ball, the racket and the design of multi-colored blocks with different properties, and stacked a certain way, according to the project designer level. The player's task — to destroy all these blocks. This is done by means of a ball and racket. At the start, the player starts it and then Bouncing off of obstacles, according to the laws of physics, the ball should hit the racket, so it does not fall down. A ball hitting blocks destroys them into small pieces (fragments) with either the first contact or after multiple impacts — it all depends on the specific properties of the block.

Hit the ball with the racket as long as the playing field remains at least one block. Note that the direction of the ball can be controlled. Look at the shape of the racket: its batter surface is convex. Accordingly, substituting it under the ball a certain way, you can get it to bounce in one direction or another, at different angles.

To increase the interest, to eliminate the monotony and to prevent the player to sleep in arkanoid, as a rule, embedded system traps and rewards. Here it is also. For example, when the dispersion of the fragments of some of the blocks in their place appears one of the chips (their full list, refer to the help section in the game). Some pieces are useful, others are harmful. Among the first to mention the chips superstar, Velcro, big racket, laser gun, etc. Speaking about the second, it is worth highlighting the reducers racket and a cherry. To activate a particular option, just get the racket corresponding to the falling token.

A Lot more words can be said about the breakout, but we will no longer distract You. Start the game and, even if You still have some questions, You'll find the answers to them, starting to play. Good luck! Want problems in Your life, as well as in this game, broken to small pieces!

You can play the game ARKANOID FRAGMENTS online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.