Card game, known in China as Tuo La Ji, which means Tractor, not as popular as, say, Worms. Moreover, many even don't know anything. We decided to open it for you. So, try to understand the rules.

Participants are 4 persons, in this case, three are computer controlled, but at the same time, the players sitting at the table opposite each other are working in tandem (let's call them the team). Your character on the screen at the bottom, ally is top. The game involves 2 standard deck with jokers (2 black and 2 red), i.e. a total of 108 cards are used.

The Goal of the game is to take bribes, containing kings (10 points), tens (10 points) and fives (5 points). All other cards in the tricks do not bring points. Thus, the sum of all points in the drawing is equal to 200. Bribes are taken according to seniority of cards (king beats Queen, eight, seven, etc.). You can go to both with one and with 2, 3 or even 4 cards at once. When the surrender is declared the trump suit, which, as in Fool, over all other suits, except the jokers. The trump suit is displayed in the lower left corner of the statistics of the party. By the way, in the game the suit (color) Joker needs to be selected with regard to suit which came. The same rule applies to all other cards. If I went with pic put spades or trump.

And now, let's talk about the main thing. Each team has a game rating, the initial value of which is 3. Rating this can increase. Moreover, the graduated scale of growth in card grades: after three comes 4, then 5 and so on to ACE. The goal of the game — winning party, to raise the rating of your team to the value 1 higher than the ACE. That a couple of players who will do it first and declared the winner of the game.

For all other factors, Tractor is no less interesting and exciting than the same Hearts.

Download flash player, to play the game.

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You can play the game TRACTOR online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.