One of the most popular card games — UNO (Uno). In this case, the table 3 players: You and 2 of Your opponent. Each, of course, will try to win. Moreover, sometimes it seems that your opponents are working in tandem against you, so sometimes their actions and moves harmoniously and are contrary to your interests. But maybe it's just feelings.

Country of origin game — America, however, the word uno in Italian and Spanish means one. Why one, you will understand after reading the rules to the end. And rule one.

In a deck of 108 cards, but not the usual playing, and specially painted. Stripes here, instead — 4 colors: red, yellow, green and blue. 72 cards have digital values ranging from 1 to 9 (the same two in every color). 4 cards with value 0 (one in each color). The other grades are represented not by numbers or ranks, and the guidelines to action for the player against whom they played. There are 8 cards to take two 8 — reverse (reverse - change of direction moves: from clockwise to counterclockwise and Vice versa). There are also 8 maps to pass (skip). Last 24 pieces are in the deck as well as 2 pieces of each color. Still have 4 black cards, ordering the color (color chosen by the player who laid the card), and the last 4, also black — take four (the player against whom they are going to play this card should take 4 sheets from the deck).

The Game takes place in rounds. Each round ends when one player runs out of cards. The game is simple. Each player, in its priority may be put on the table in a common stack one card of those that he had on hand at the moment. At the same time, we spread the map must be either the same color as the top of the pack on the table, or one of the same rating. Black cards can be put on any color. If a player has no cards that meet these criteria, he can take a card from the deck. Played a card, the turn is passed on around the circle either clockwise or in the direction last played card reverse.

As you can see from the list of maps, opponents can go under you pass the course or take 4-d and you will have to fulfill this requirement, i.e. pass the course or take four cards and skip a turn. Map with the color selection it is advisable to play when you have accumulated a lot of cards of one color, or just have nothing else to go.

When in the course of the game, the player after the move only one card, he must say UNO! (click on the Uno). If he does not, he will pass from the deck two penalty cards. After each round is fed Subtotal. But the game ends not by the number of played rounds, and at the time, so keep an eye on the clock.

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