Interesting trade-economic strategy, based partly on history, partly on the intentions of the creators. We will focus on the trade between Britain and China in the distant 1830, the year. Then Britain wave craze citizens tea. This drink was then a novelty, and its popularity instantly and incredibly increased.

The Only source of tea was then China. But this far Eastern country wanted nothing from the British. Only silver. Several ships went back and forth, and the Ministry of Finance of Albion sounded the alarm — stocks of silver were over, and further such trade has become a threat to the economy. Surfaced the goods, to the Chinese, in one of the British colonies in India, in Bengal opium! Trade was for the English is really beneficial, especially if you remember that this is a game and you are ready to successfully conduct business.

Have you already prepared your trading business plan? So, buy the opium in Bengal the Indians and get them to sell it to China. In the port of Macau a lot of knowledgeable and interested persons, from them you will learn about the buyers of opium and tea sellers. Prices will be different, and depend, as in real business, they will be from the current market conditions, the reliability of the buyer and other factors. Here your ship and arrest! Be careful not to run into unreliable or suspicious buyer of powder.

In any case, the purchase price you see in the filings that appear here and there, and the price of tea is also available to you right next to the buttons the number of lots for purchase. Like price — click the button and the transaction will be made through it. Remember the basic law of business: buy low, sell high.

It is Very important for you to supply tea to Britain on time and within the requested amounts, or the Department of Commerce revokes your business license and hire someone quick.

Doubly interesting to play if you normally read English, if not — no big deal, the basic meaning and direction of action will be clear to you.

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