The first half of the 20th century, Americans remembered different kinds of shocks. The great depression, rampant mafia and a lot of what happened in those times. In the game you are invited to indulge at the time and to try yourself in the role of businessman, an illegal dealer on the black market associated with al Capone, who settled in Chicago.

You are moving from one district to another, buying up cheap stuff: weapons, alcohol, diamonds, etc. the Purpose of such purchases is simple. In one of the areas you expect to sell the product more and make good money. The money you can invest in the purchase of a new product, and even to place them in the Bank, earning a decent interest rate. You can chase the police, tying the shootout and chase, which you have to drive to the hospital in Lincoln Park for treatment. To increase the chances of success in the war with the police, get a weapon in the district of Pilsen.

Rejecting all that is connected with the mafia, can be seen in the plot of the game is an interesting business strategy, where the main task for you is the earnings on the resale. Looking for the cheapest product you remember, or pretends to be, and how much it might cost in periods of demand. If you are a competent strategist, your business here will grow very quickly. Even have to buy more suitcases (suitcase), which you deliver goods.

Yes, the most important thing. The initial capital gives you exactly al Capone and his structure, and these guys will not make jokes. Try to time to repay the debt (loan), it must be done in the area of Little Italy (Little Italy). And don't delay the repayment of the loan — the interest for each day the mafia takes serious!

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