A strange interweaving of genres in this game. Is both a business and adventure at the same time. Driving waitress, the player should be set to run on the route kitchen. The more correct flight will make the waitress, the more the restaurant Pizza at Nina to earn money.

The Scheme is similar to other business games with restaurants: tables, behind which you can see the visitors making the orders. The little waitress runs to the kitchen, placing the tray on the customer's order and runs to him with all speed, trying to bring to the table as quickly as possible. The loyalty of visitor here is very much appreciated, and make it only a super-fast service. That's spinning the waitress from day to day like a squirrel in a wheel. And You run it.

Unusual for today's games here is the method of character control. It's only the keyboard. What a lot of things and really made faster by using the keys. So, the movement of the hero-the waitresses run of the arrow, the capture and transmission of food - spacebar. Run around the room, delivering orders, trying to prevent the emergence among the visitors to the red unhappy faces.

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