Sometimes the TV shows Alaska and salmon going to spawn on the rivers. Salmon generally live mainly in the sea and lakes and enter rivers for spawning, rising to the very upper reaches, where the depth practically does not allow the fish to move further. As you know, after laying eggs, salmon dies. Bears that sense the movement of salmon immediately go to the banks of rivers and catch the crazed fish with their paws. These are the laws of nature.

In this flash game you will also catch salmon, but not with your hands, but with a spear, and not in the river, but in the lake. This lake is swarming with salmon. Go out to the pier, take the prison and go ahead! For each salmon caught, you will be awarded 100 points, and if you catch enough to complete the level, you will turn into a well-fed bear, rather rubbing its belly! And really, stringing a defenseless fish on a spear, how do you differ from a bear?

Flash player plugin is not supported still Feb.21.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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