This flash drive, in fact, can not be called a game. Rather, it looks like an interactive, educational video, which aims to demonstrate the basics of helicopter navigation. Controlling a helicopter, let's say right away, is more difficult than flying an airplane. The main task of the pilot of the aircraft is to accelerate it and maintain the speed necessary to keep the aircraft in the air. After setting the engine mode required for the flight, and directing the aircraft to the desired course, the pilot can rest until the descent begins for landing. A lot of things are different with a helicopter. Among the main controls of the rotorcraft are: the Step-Gas lever, the cyclic control handle and pedals. With all three of these controls, the helicopter pilot is forced to work almost constantly, especially in hover mode. Pedals control the direction: press right-the helicopter turns the nose to the right, left-to the left. The Step-Gas lever controls the engine and the angle of attack of the main rotor blades: pull up — the helicopter gains altitude, down-decreases. The cyclic handle controls rolls and pitches, for example, by giving it away from itself (leaning forward), the pilot forces the helicopter to lower its nose and accelerate, and to brake on itself.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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