This USB flash drive is, in fact, to call it impossible. Rather, it is similar to the interactive tutorial, which included a demonstration of the basics of the mission solution. To fly a helicopter, I have to say, more complicated than a plane. The pilot of the aircraft, the main task is to disperse it and maintain the speed necessary to keep the plane in the air. Setting required for flight operation of engines and sending the plane on course, the pilot can relax before reduction for landing. A helicopter is much different. Among the main elements of control helicopters is: the lever Step-Gas, stick cyclic control and pedals. All three of these authorities, the helicopter pilot is forced to work almost constantly, especially in hovering. The pedals control the direction: click the right, the helicopter turns the nose to the right, left — left. Lever Step-Gas controls the motor and the angle of attack of the rotor blades: pull up the helicopter is gaining height, down decreases. The cyclic stick controls roll and pitch, for example, giving it away (by tilting forward), the pilot causes the helicopter to lower the nose and accelerate — to slow down.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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