Welcome, flight simulator lover! Let's warn you right away: you are unlikely to get super-graphics, realism, small details and full immersion in flight here. This game is difficult to compare with a modern full-fledged flight simulator like MSFS and the like. But do not forget, advanced games of this genre are extremely demanding on computer resources, and also need to be installed on it, while taking up hundreds of megabytes of memory. This web version of the 3d flight simulator, of course, also likes resources, but you don't need to download it and put it on your computer. If you are on this page, then the game is ready to go.

Unfortunately, this version of the 3d flight simulator is shortened. There are only a couple of tasks, and a couple of aircraft (Cessna Cessna-172 and Boeing Boeing-747-800), but novice fans of aviasyms should appreciate it. Let's go through the main features of the game.кокпит/

Use the buttons in the lower block on the right to switch panels. The first button-the video camera-is your eyes as a pilot. The camera location can be selected: cockpit (view from the pilot's seat), rear view, tail, turbines, etc. Choose a convenient view at the right time.

The second button is lighting and lights. Here you can turn on and off the BANO, landing lights, strobe, No smoking service board and light in the passenger cabin. However, many internal functions and instruments depend on the type of aircraft you choose to fly.

Autopilot control panel. Everything is familiar here. There are setters for Airspeed (IAS), Heading (Heading) , speed of descent or climb (Vert. Speed) and the height itself (Altitude). Having adjusted the necessary parameters before takeoff, just turn on the autopilot (On/Off button) after cleaning the landing gear and the plane will fly by itself, you will only have to watch the instrument readings.панель

And these readings are valid only on the display board with a compass (on the left). Among them are current ones: course, speed (in knots), altitude (in feet). During the flight, you can safely navigate them.

There is also an engine control panel. Here you can watch the speed, turn on and off a particular engine, including during the flight, and observe what is happening.

There is also an airplane control panel. Here you can find: pedals (for yaw control (keep the ball in the center! - as they say)), an elevator trim, a flap control lever (they are released before takeoff and landing), a landing gear release and cleaning lever, and a spoiler control knob (air brakes).компас,

It is also worth noting the presence of a communication panel with dispatchers. Here you can request flight permissions for the route, weather, and other service information.

In this 3d flight simulator, the pilot's mission begins on the runway, in the cockpit of the selected aircraft. In Cessna, of course, it is easier - there are low speeds, lower altitudes and more contact with the environment, that is, the feeling of flight is closer. Well, Boeing has other tasks. It carries passengers. And of course, the speeds and heights there are completely different. Choose and get ready to take off!

You can play the game 3D FLIGHT SIMULATOR online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.