Did You ever observe the development of a chain reaction? No? Well, at least You heard something about it? Briefly explain. Generally, the term chain reaction is used in chemistry or in physics to describe the process of interaction of particles in which the action of a single particle creates the effect of another one or more particles. The task of creating, developing and maintaining chain reactions often decide nuclear physicists in the design of nuclear reactors and fuel for them.

In the military field, all known nuclear weapons is also based on a chain reaction of nuclear fission, but unlike the peaceful atom, where such reactions are trying to manage in nuclear weapons the chain reaction is uncontrollable and provoke the release of huge amounts of energy. To understand the mechanism of origin and development of the chain reaction, we offer You to play this flash game.

The playing field of the molecule. If one molecule, turning, touches his atom the atom of a neighboring molecule, then that also turns, possibly giving rise to the rotation of its neighbors, and so on. Your task, carefully examining the arrangement of molecules and atoms, as to activate the rotation of some of the molecules will lead to the greatest indignation on the playing field. One rotation of each molecule adds one point to Your piggy Bank.

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