Blob or Blops Plops (this is the name of the game in the original) is an interesting and very difficult puzzle game. On a small square playing field measuring 6 by 6 cells, water drops are randomly placed, which the player must remove from the field in a certain number of moves. At the same time, each drop occupies its own cell (cell) of the field. Let's look at the scheme and rules of the game in more detail.

A few words about the drops themselves. They are simple, presented in the form of a single large ball, and there are complex ones, such as a small ball or several balls connected in one structure, like a molecule. A simple drop is scattered with a single click on it. Complex-for several reasons. For example, to burst a drop-a molecule consisting of three droplets - you need to act on it twice. After the first one, it will become a big ball, and after the second one, it will fly apart.

Note that the drop splits into 4 small droplets, each of which flies over the playing field in its own direction along the entire row in which the burst drop stood. Figuratively so: one flies to the north, another to the south, the third to the west and the 4th to the east. Outside the field, they disappear. On its way, such a micro-drop can hit another one standing in the field cage. Such a blow is considered in the game as an ordinary click and causes the hit drop to be converted to a higher class, or it will burst if it was a large drop (in the form of a large ball). In the latter case, the hit drop will also break up into 4 micro-droplets. Thus, you can create a kind of chain reaction on the field. Actually, this is what you need to do, otherwise it is simply impossible to have time to burst all the drops, because there are not many moves.

About moves. Initially, at the first level, the player is given 10 moves. Later in the game, your actions affect the rest of your moves. The larger the chain reaction of drops you manage to launch, the more additional moves you will be awarded. In other words, if you manage to pop 10 drops in one turn, then your account of moves will be replenished by 9 (although sometimes it is less). When moving to the next level, the player is also awarded one turn. As you can see, this puzzle game is all up to you. The more accurate and optimal your moves are, the further you will advance through the levels. Good luck!

You can play the game A DROP online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.