It is no exaggeration to call this game the most popular puzzle game in its class. Both children and adults like to play 10. The main thing that impresses in it is the simplicity of the rules and the elementary mechanics of the player's actions, which are harmoniously combined with the logic of a very high level. Yes, here it is important to be able to calculate actions in advance, because it depends on how far the player can go.

The name of the game 10 (Ten) comes from the size of the puzzle playing field — 10 by 10 cells. There are many variations of the game, some of which are also in the Min2win rating. Often it can be found under the names 10x10 or simply 1010. The duration of the game is entirely up to you. How thoughtfully you approach the process, how thoughtful your moves will be, and how long you will play.

So, on a square platform with a side of 10 cells (cells), you need to place the shapes proposed by the program. They are similar to the figures used in Tetris. The placement should be as dense as possible, that is, the figures should be rubbed together as much as possible. The fact is that when tightly folded, lines are formed on the site that disappear immediately after they appear.

A line is a horizontal or vertical sequence of ten squares. Despite the fact that the figures in the puzzle are multi-colored, the line can consist of squares of any color. Thus, with the help of receding lines, space on the platform is freed up, which can be occupied by other figures. There is also an analogy with Tetris.

The gameplay is built in sets. For each set, the computer gives you three random pieces. Only when you place these issued pieces on the board, the set is considered complete, and the next one begins. If you failed to install any of these three pieces on the court, the game ends, and only the points you have collected remain in your memory. Note that if the message about the end of the game does not appear, and you think that there is nowhere to put the piece, then you are not looking well — there is a place!

Separately, it is worth mentioning the tactics of the game. Keep in mind the shapes and sizes of possible shapes (this comes with experience), and always try to reserve space for any of them. The desire to collect a large block (several lines) at once most often leads to premature defeat, because at the most inopportune moment a piece appears that has nowhere to put. The main problem in a small space is, understandably, large figures of five or nine squares.

Do not forget that waiting for a one-bedroom apartment or two-bedroom apartment (figures from one or two squares, respectively) can be tiresomely long. Sometimes they don't appear for 10 sets in a row! Therefore, it is advisable not to leave holes in one or two cells when packing figures.

Well, a few words about the interface. There is nothing superfluous here. And a timer, too! :) Therefore, think calmly and do not rush to put the figure anyhow. It is possible to pause the game, but if there is no time control, this makes no sense at all. There is also a button with a light bulb. It changes the interior lighting, making it either bright or muted.

Resume. If you have a couple of dozen free minutes, spend them on the puzzle 10. Your head will rest, your thoughts will stabilize, and you will develop and strengthen your logic, attention, and observation skills. Enjoy your stay!

You can play the game 10 online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.