Once, the kittens Boo and Bee were sleeping peacefully in their crib, they had the sweetest dreams, and when the alarm clock woke them up early in the morning and they looked out of the window, they could not believe their own eyes. There was a candy tree in their yard — the dream of their sweet dreams!

Where the candy tree came from and whose it was, they didn't know, but they decided to eat sweets at their own risk. Only here it was quite difficult to do this. Help them by solving this multi-level puzzle, in each level to eat all the candy.

You need to make sure that the green kitten eats the green candy, and the red one eats the red one. Use the firefly cannon to roll the candy to the kitten or vice versa. The gun moves up and down with arrows.

I would like to add that kittens Bi and Boo are not thieves at all, they just love sweets very much, and why the authors dubbed them candy thieves is unclear.

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