Arkadium Studio canmake solitaire games. This is not the first Spider in their performance. A beautiful, warm home environment, a wooden table made of planed boards, a burning candle in the corner-all this radiates some special comfort and encourages rest and relaxation. That's probably why you came here, too?!

The cover of the cards is decorated with the image of a spider on a web-also in the theme, as they say. The quality of the sheets is excellent: the images are clear, the icons of suits and denominations are easy to read. There is a small problem, which, however, is found in many solitaire developers. When shifting cards, if the chain is too long, the cards begin to cover each other, making it difficult to recognize, but not critical.

The convenience of this version of Spider Solitaire also lies in the availability, within the framework of one game, of its three variants. It is known that the easiest of them (Easy) is solitaire with one suit (One suit). The second most difficult (Medium) spider is 2 suits (2 suits), and finally the hardest (Difficult) Spider is 4 suits. Choose the level of the game based on your own experience.

Now let's talk about the rules and goals. To play Spider Solitaire, you need to collect all 104 cards in eight identical piles, having previously sorted them by rank. In the case of a suited game, all piles will contain only peak cards. Two-suited solitaire requires the layout of four piles of cards of the peak suit and another 4-hearts. A variant with 4 suits is collected in 4 2 piles of each suit.

There is no point in describing the initial position of the cards on the table - you will see it perfectly for yourself - just look up. The problem is solved in stages. First, you put the cards on top of each other, shuffling them along the game columns and trying to collect the whole sequence from king to ace. If there is nothing else to shift, take a portion of cards from the deck, which are evenly distributed across the game columns. Then shift again and so on, until you have collected all the required 8 piles.

But make no mistake, it's really not easy. Let's introduce you to the important restrictions dictated by the Spider rules. First, you can't move a sequence consisting of cards of different suits. Well, for example, on the jack of hearts (CHV) lies the ten of spades (P10), on it the nine of diamonds (B9), and on it the eight of crosses (K8), then there are 7 crosses (K7), 6, 5 and 4 are also crosses. So, this entire sequence (CHV-P10-B9-K8-K7-K6-K5-K4) cannot be dragged to another column either for CHV, or for P10 or B9. But for K8, K7, etc. - you can drag it. Therefore, we recommend that you collect mismatched columns only as a last resort, since this arrangement makes it much more difficult to work with them further. And secondly, you can't draw cards from the rest of the deck if at least one of the shifting columns is empty, i.e. if there are no cards there. This nuisance does not interfere as much as the previous one, but it must be constantly remembered, especially when approaching the finish line.

Finally, we note that Spider is one of the most popular solitaire games today. And this demand is well-deserved. Relax and deal with stress easily!

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You can play the game ARCADIUM SPIDER SOLITAIRE online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.