Shooting at moving targets is usually associated with hunting animals or with bench shooting (skeet shooting), but Zuma is neither one nor the other. This is shooting at a chain of colorful balls linked together by invisible links. The chain moves along a fixed trajectory, pre-defined for each level of the game, and looks like a snake. This path runs somewhere in a dense jungle filled with legends, creepers and ancient artifacts.

The main and only task of the player is the complete destruction of the snake. This is done by consistently knocking out links consisting of 3 or more balls of the same color. If you see a fragment of two or more blue balls, and your projectile is blue, shoot it at this group and if you hit it, the whole group will disappear. Thus, gradually shortening this ball snake, you will completely destroy it.

But don't forget, the snake is constantly moving (with rare exceptions). Do not think that it will lie and bask in the sun, waiting for you to completely destroy it. No, it crawls, and sometimes it does it quickly. Moreover, she also has a goal-a mink at the end of the path. If at least one ball from the snake crawls into this hole, the level will be considered failed. Good luck in the jungle!

You can play the game ZUMA LEGEND OF THE JUNGLE online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.