An amazing idea came to the authors of this game. No one has ever managed to present Zuma in such an original and new way, at least among the games participating in our rating, you will not find analogues of this Zoom. Well, the game decorates the shooting balls section, although instead of balls, there are colorful birds in cages hung on a long chain. A bloodthirsty, hungry dragon is just waiting to feast on the birds. The beast is stopped only by one thing-a ninja tomato controlled by you with a slingshot that shoots stones.

The lilac Dragon is looking forward to the moment when you run out of gems. The remaining number is shown in the upper-left corner. In the same place, just below, you can see how many virtual coins you have on your balance. They can be spent on the group bird rescue service (available options at the top right). Under the coin balance there is a column for achieving the goal at the current stage. The level game ends either when the stones run out, or when the success bar is filled to capacity.

Well, now, actually about how to save birds. To free a bird by freeing it from its cage, you just need to throw a stone into the cage. Moreover, there is no aiming as such, just click on the selected cell and the pebble will fly strictly into it. The cage will collapse and the bird will fly away, chirping words of gratitude to the savior. Just like that? No!..

There are too few stones and too many birds, so saving one bird at a time will not allow you to score the required number of points. To remove birds in a group, you need to push two chains with birds of the same color against each other. This is done like this. Find a cluster of single-colored prisoners (for example, 4 yellow ones are standing next to each other), 1 red one is next to them, then yellow ones come again (say 2-3). That is, red divides a possible chain of 6-7 yellows. Great option! Make your ninja tomato shoot at this red and... The red one will fly away, and those two yellow chains will collide and automatically free themselves from the cells and fly away, throwing a significant number of points on your balance at once. Note that the minimum number of birds in the chain is 3. Moreover, it is more profitable to search for authentic sequences.

The game has 60 levels, progress is saved, so you can finish playing tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, or when you have time. The first levels don't require much logic. But then the number of issued stones will decrease, and the birds will become more and more scattered in colors, so you will have to choose targets more carefully.

You can play the game SAVE THE BIRDS OR ZUMA IN THE CAGES online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.