A children's shopping arcade game, test your reaction speed and business acumen, young tycoon!The news reports say that a big revolution has taken place in the rich eastern country. Apparently, this country was very important, since most drivers rushed to gas stations in an attempt to frantically buy fuel. A young girl bought a small gas station in order to enrich herself on the fuel rush. Will it be able to cope with the huge flow of customers? One, hardly, but with your help, anything is possible!

First, you need to fill the driver's tank full, and then sell him one of the related products.

Select the car with the left mouse button and move it to the gas station, wait until the tank is full, and then go for the desired product. When the customer is served, you can safely let him go on all four sides. Appreciate your customers, because they bring you money that can be spent on buying improvements for refueling.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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