Such a complex transport hub as the airport requires a lot of experience and extremely high responsibility of the personnel which it serves. The airport has multiple services, each responsible for its own segment and is in constant interaction with others. In this online game you got is one of the most responsible positions — the Manager of the airport.

In a large aviously on large aerodromes where the daily take off and land hundreds of planes, the dispatch service is divided into several units: the approach, takeoff and landing, taxiing and so forth — this work is done by different departments, which, of course, tightly contact with each other. Here, you will manage the full cycle of their own.

In your jurisdiction are two of the runway (runway), you'll make the planes and send the departing flights. After the landing Board, you should show him a place for unloading and disembarkation of passengers on one of the two-body ladders. Follow the readiness of the aircraft for landing and takeoff, trying to serve the maximum number of flights without violating security rules.

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