It is very good that your fast food outlets, but rather, just Burger, is traversed space, namely in the middle of the beach, and even in the off-season. It is good primarily for a stable and heavy flow of customers, but for you it is a serious test. Visitors is really a lot, and need the time to maintain them and to cook burgers, otherwise your business will fail.

Convenient that all the parts for sandwiches at your fingertips and neatly in containers with the numbers. You can bring the case to automatism. Attention will need to ensure that you have prepared the Burger exactly with the buyer's requests. The customer wants on the bottom bun, the cheese, then lettuce and top the Burger — exactly as you have requested him to file a hamburger.

If you're confused, the composition of the sandwich, to change places of layers or to work slowly, slipshod, you will notice that the revenue your business will start to fall, and the flow of customers will thin out. Don't let the collapse of the company, for such place must stay!

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