Meadow in early summer, perhaps the most vivid palette of colors and saturated colors. Here, growing green grass, and blossoming fragrant already and unique aromas of wild field flowers. But the abundance of flowers and colors not only creates all of the above. Butterflies are the creatures in the meadow making the world a special charm and splendor. Imagine an aquarium with only one vegetation, no fish. Yes, beautiful, but something was missing. Similarly, the meadow. Fluttering chocolate, the cabbage, limonite, Blues and others — complement and enliven this unique natural oasis.

You will have to deal with the tropics. Here species of butterflies more than, say, in the mid-latitudes. Look, someone caught a few pieces in a butterfly net and butterfly stuck in the net! You should try to release them all free. In order to do this, you need to connect the butterflies on two of the same. Only together they will be able to leave the trap.

There is one small subtlety. To connect, the butterfly doesn't have to interfere. Their way to each other in the grid must not have more than 2 turns. Thus, in search of couples examine first the edges where insects, and then the center (sometimes the same pair of butterflies sitting next to each other).

If you played before in the famous Mahjong Butterfly, the rules you are already familiar, they are exactly the same, however, and like any Mahjong type connect, also called the puzzle match pairs.

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