One of the options flat Mahjong, which are arranged on the table not in the form of a pyramid, and in a single layer. Rules, however, are not changed — only work tiles located on the edges. Interesting solution invented by the authors of Mahjong about butterflies (Coody) — tiles depict half of these flying insects, and if You correctly found a couple of tiles are connected, and releasing the butterfly which flies away. The faster You find pairs, the more butterflies fluttering at the same time on the playing fields — a beautiful sight! The only inconvenience departing beauties shade of your wings image over which they fly.

And although the rules seem simple, disassemble the entire butterfly meadow extremely difficult. The fact is that, carried away by the initial mating of the wings on the perimeter, the player does not leave himself room to maneuver inside the clearing. Be extremely careful and collected, as the game on time, which ends very quickly.


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