When railways first appeared, it was a pleasure to travel around the world by train. Such trips became magnificent excursions. Moving along the route slowly, the old trains allowed you to enjoy the views from the car window. Now, in modern high-speed trains, the views are no longer the same.

In this game, you will go on a journey through the old cities, where you will search for various items. There is some special charm in the form of old towns. The first stop for you will be one port town. You will visit the old port, where you will try to find among the old sea utensils: a hook, a gargoyle, an African mask, an old jug and other items suggested by the game scenario.

This type of gameplay provides a rare system of tasks now. On the first level, instead of the usual thumbnails of things to search for, you will see their names in text.

It is worth noting the difficulty of finding items here. They are perfectly camouflaged, and the play of light and shadows makes this much more difficult to detect. But that's where the interest lies. When you find everything you need for the task, you will move on to the next stage, to another city. Enjoy your trip!

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