What is a modern airport? It is a crowd of people bustle from the early morning until late at night, and sometimes around the clock. The mass of the passengers, fly away, arrived and waiting for their connecting flights move around the terminal, many of them in search of a place where you can sit and read Newspapers and to get something to eat.

Cafe — that place in which at any airport will welcome visitors. Someone comes in here to drink a Cup of coffee, someone to drink a cold cocktail, and someone to eat something more serious, such as, hamburger.

In this game you will serve visitors of the cafe. Rather, they serve the hostess will be right under your leadership.

Take orders from customers and as soon as I do them. Cafes around a lot, your boss is not a monopoly at this airport, so customers need to keep quality of service. The chief demands of the plan for the earnings, come on!

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