An ordinary office history. There is a Boss (chief, supervisor, boss) and his subordinates. It's no secret that not every company likes bosses, especially if their behavior goes against the employees ' worldview. Well, come on, let's not delve into office relationships, subordination and other passions, let's look at a specific example from this game.

The colorful Boss clearly flirts with the secretary, the assistant of one of the clerks. This clerk (let's call him Vasya) it seems that he is not indifferent to his assistant (let it be Angela). Still, the girl is pretty. And she, as luck would have it, also flirts with the boss, which infuriates Vasya. Vasily decides to take revenge on the Boss for Angela I... put something nasty in his coffee. No, do not think about it, an exemplary employee is not going to poison the boss, but he wants to make the taste of the manager's coffee unbearable without obvious visible reasons.

Here you have a role to help Vasya in his misdeeds and create a real revenge on the Boss. Actually, the task is simple. The boss is standing next to Vasya's desk, where his cup of coffee is sitting and smoking a cigar, glancing at Angela, who is busy with the copier, occasionally taking provocative poses. So, when he looks at it, give a click command to Vasily, and he will pour everything that is at hand into the coffee: smelly powders, snails, slugs and other nasty things. And when the boss turns to take a sip of coffee and at the same time make Vasya a couple of valuable comments on the work, instantly release the button — this will signal Vasya to immediately stop the leprosy. The ideal scenario: The boss turns around, and Vasya sits and taps on the keyboard, pretending that he is working hard.

Please note that the Boss does not turn immediately, before paying attention to the coffee (and Vasya at the same time), he makes a strange confused grimace. This is a signal to you-attention, it may turn around now! Remember, if you don't have time to react in time, and the boss catches Vasya, then the game is over. The Boss doesn't forgive such tricks!

Now let's talk about how long this can last. There is no exact information. We didn't manage to finish the game. The game time has something to do with the bars at the top. One thing is clear, the more Vasya puts all sorts of filth in the coffee, the better! Well, friends, have fun!

Attention! We don't recommend putting what you've seen into practice!

You can play the game REVENGE ON THE BOSS online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.