Six (Zhiguli VAZ-2106) — one of the most desirable and popular cars of the late USSR of the Brezhnev era. It replaced the troika (or treshka VAZ-2103), with the same engine and a number ofimprovements. There were long queues for this car.

In this game, the Six was tuned for off-road racing and trial, hanging huge wheels on it, with which neither its running system nor the engine could have coped in real life. But, since everything is possible in the game, the dream car of a Soviet car enthusiast is in front of you, get behind the wheel and go on a world tour!

First race in Egypt. Take a ride on the trial track with overcoming obstacles in the form of the remains of ancient civilizations, against the background of pyramids and wandering mummies. Collect scarabs to collect game points. Six here looks hardy and passable. Even in the case of a coup on the roof, in some places, it is possible to turn it back and continue driving. The car in this case has become like a sort of monster truck, overcoming serious obstacles on the way. Of course, a lot depends on the driver's skill... This masterpiece is controlled by keyboard buttons: up-down-gas-brake, right-left-trim balancing (pitch).

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