If you do not use nitro, no advancement you from that monster will not wait. It will behave as a sluggish overloaded bus with chechetochnika a motor in the 90 HP But if the spacebar you press in time, you will see krupnotovarnogo machine in all its glory.

The Trouble is that the nitrogen bottle on the whole race is not enough, so it should be used sparingly and only in those places where it does quite well. Keep this in mind, especially the first couple. In the future, earn points, you will be able to improve the technical stuffing your monster truck, including fueling more nitrogen.

Balancing many tricks (and tramacet from time to time have, or some of the obstacles just don't go) plays a crucial role. Yawn will receive a shifter. I must say, the authors of the game managed to balance the settings properly.

The Race was dynamic and exciting. Will keep you in suspense from the beginning to the end of each race. Even some quest smells in certain places.

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