Solitaire Pyramid ateya (eng. ATHEA) is one of the versions of the usual Pyramid. Apportionment rules, respectively, are the same. Given rules for those who do not know. So, you need to disassemble a pyramid of cards, i.e. to remove all cards from the table. Cards disappear in pairs, which should be selected. Mouse drag one card onto another, which we believe to be her pair. If a pair is chosen correctly, the cards will disappear.

The Rules for matching pairs of cards: the sum of the values of cards must equal 13. The suit is not counted.

Digital values of playing cards are counted as the corresponding numbers, for example: three = 3, four = 4, etc. Symbols have the following values: King = 13, Queen = 12, Jack = 11, ACE = 1. As an example, consider the combinations for the pairing of the cards in solitaire. Six and seven, Queen and ACE, Eight and five, Jack and deuce. Pair of kings is not necessary - they disappear one by one. If among the open cards to find a pair, you can use an extra deck in the lower left corner.

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