Minesweeper is a famous game built into the Windows operating system installed on most computers. It is probably known to everyone! There was a time when people would sit behind a Sapper for hours on end. Even now, when there are online games that have grown and matured compared to their retro counterparts, Minesweeper has a lot of fans. And what: simple, clear, always at hand — you can open and play at any time. And how much time to play is set by the player himself.

Here is an alternative program designed specifically for Internet browsers (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer) using modern html5 technology. Unlike flash, html5 allows the game to run stably not only on Windows, but also on tablets and smartphones running on Android or iOS. What's more important: You don't need to install the game on your computer or gadget. If you have opened this page and are reading this text, then the game is ready to go — take a look at the top — you can start clearing the field right now! Simple and fast.

Let's recall the rules of the Minesweeper. In front of you is a game board — a table with many closed cells. A mine can be hidden in any of them. So you need to localize and neutralize all these mines by setting a special flag on each one.

So, initially you don't know which cells are mined, because absolutely everything is closed. Therefore, the first move is made blindly — you just click on an arbitrary cell. If you are lucky, the cell will open and a number will appear in it, indicating the number of mines around it. If there are no mines in the area at all, a whole clearing of empty cells will open, only some of which will have numbers.

Next, logic is connected to the process. By analyzing the numbers, you figure out where the mines can be located, and in the cells in which you believe they are, check the box. The flag in the box (the orange icon is the html5 logo) is placed with the right mouse button (in the case of a PC game). At the top, above the minefield, the computer shows you how many flags you have set, and how many more mines you need to find. The game time is also recorded, and if you win, it is recorded in the record book.

And one last thing. The game has three difficulty options. Simple, where about 70 minutes are hidden on the field, medium — about 100 minutes, and heavy, in which about 200 minutes are hidden. Note that you can spend more than one hour analyzing the most difficult case with 200 mines! So, choose any one and start clearing the field. Remember that the minesweeper makes a mistake only once. So it is here: if you make a mistake and click on the cell with a mine — the game is over.

You can play the game MINESWEEPER WINDOWS online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.