If with the word midnight in the original name all is clear (midnight), the second part is clearly a hybrid of sanitaire is sort of like solitaire () and sanitary (health, in this case). The result of this symbiosis has turned out such here a title that can be interpreted as Doctor midnight. In General, if you can't sleep - parakeldyshite the patience and maybe the sleep will come.

However, for the game. In front of you? This kind of solitaire, at first glance, similar to Scorpio, and the similarity is not only external. The layout of the cards on the table there, and there alike. The difference in the following.

Scorpio laid out in 7 columns, 4 of which are closed 12 cards and 3 cards can be taken from the reserve in the game. In Midnight hand over 8 columns with eight face-down cards in 4 of them, and no there is no reserve. Should however be noted that only in a light version (Easy) closed all 8 cards, average (Medium), their number increases to 12, in difficult (Hard) - up to 16, and in extreme (Extreme) has 20! In addition, there are 4 slots for storing ordered maps. Describes the differences make Midnight solitaire shadimen at times more often its insect counterpart.

In terms of relocation of cards during the game, there is a difference. Recall. Unlike Spider, you can drag the column for any card, regardless of whether ordered or not. But you can only put it on the map on the unit the older drag and strictly of the same suit. The technology of stacking cards in the same slots Gusset: aces on them deuces, then threes, etc. Kings the latest. If you have everything turned out and solitaire converged, you will see only covered with dark green cloth empty table and kings of all kinds in the four slots.

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