Enjoy world famous temples on the background of the game Mahjong with changing from level to level terms and conditions. Note that this Mahjong we enjoyed not only the beautiful paintings in the background. The authors of the game managed to create an excellent game-a marathon, where at each new level, You are dealing with new rules and new pictures on the knuckles.

Despite the small size, the plan is really ambitious. Let's see how events develop in the Mahjong temples. Let's start with the first level. Everything is simple: the classic Shanghai with a small number of bones and primitive layout. Versed traditional pairs of identical tiles. A minute or two and the first stage is solved.

The Second level dramatically changes the style of the tiles on the half-hearted dominoes (halves dominoni chips), it is called Mahjong Domino. The analysis here is non-standard. Cleaned bones are not equal in pairs, and the value 7, and the same color. That is, can be removed, for example, blue four, blue three, green two with the same five or, say, six and odnushku gray color.

The marathon of 20 stages. It really is a decent series, friends! Of course, not everyone can afford to spend the time to go through all the levels in a row right away. You can return to the game at any time, starting immediately from the level at which finished the previous time. History and records of the player are stored.

All good this Mahjong game, but that's a pity on the tablet is not too small, but it all depends on the size of the screen... Wish You a great vacation!

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