The classic interpretation of Spider solitaire with 4 suits of the Indians, of course, was not satisfied. It is necessary as-that to differ from the rest of the world thought they decided to make a number of amendments. Very few people managed to change the rules Spider significantly failed and the Indians.

Introducing the impossibility of changing cards of the same suit on top of each other, the elders of the Indian tribes ran into an unsolvable problem — the probability of convergence of the solitaire fell through the floor of the wigwam, therefore, had to go to the easing in the cards are dealt from the deck. It was decided not to scatter by column, and scroll in one slot, by analogy with Solitaire, and not infinitely, and disposable! In addition, the stack was allowed to collect in the upper slots starting with the ACE. I agree, said one of the Council of elders, acting on it. So there were Indian Spider.

Try solitaire given by the Indians of the changes. By the way, can You learn in this embodiment, the strokes of the solitaire games of other varieties?

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