Obviously, the slogan All Mahjong games are good, choose on taste is not suitable for the young and beautiful lovers of this Chinese logic puzzles. Won't bore You with a long and tedious stories about the philosophy of the classical types of Mahjong, let's focus on the rules of this version. You will not see here the traditional Mahjong a pyramid of tiles, where the top layers cover the bottom. This game belongs to the class pazlovyh Mahjong, where tiles are most often lie in a single layer or tier and removed according to the principle of parity.

The Main rule to remember. It is impossible to remove the tiles if they cannot be put on a plane in less than four straight lines. Thus, if the chips with the same images are on different sides of a filled rectangle, then remove them is impossible, because the minimum number of straight lines to connect 4 equal.

If Your brain is overloaded after reading the previous paragraph — relax, find identical tiles and try to allocate them in pairs. If you succeed, they will disappear, no — will remain in place. The goal is to remove all tiles from the field!

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