You can call this game something like Carlson in the ancient temple, so the flying man is similar in flight to the hero of Astrid Lindgren's fairy tales. How sideways the Mojo mummy is mentioned here is not clear, and if you do not try to understand the essence of the thoughts that the authors are trying to convey to us in the preface to the game, then you can safely say: this is an ordinary flying game in which you need to fly a certain distance defined by each level and do not crash into obstacles while passing the distance.

The task is feasible if you do not yawn and quickly respond to the appearance of pillars, pipes and other troubles. The purpose of these flights is to search for some ancient magnet (very valuable probably). The temple is full of traps. The hero has a jetpack behind his shoulders, which is why he flies like Carlson.

A nice option is to rewind time, which is available after you hit something.

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Games for tablet and smartphone
Games for tablet and smartphone

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