Barbarians — barbarians, or simply put, savages who are chasing girls in this game. Well, you, as a true knight, do not allow this! The main problem is that you are one, and there are many of them, and while you are dealing with one, another can slip through. They run sometimes alone, and sometimes in a whole crowd. In the latter case, you will need maximum concentration, attention and sleight of hand.

The savages, like the girls, run from left to right. Your task is not to miss any of them, but to give the girls, on the contrary, the opportunity to pass unhindered. The critical point is the finish line (such a white dotted line). It is advisable not to release barbarians for it, otherwise they will run away. Only a certain small number of escapees are allowed at each stage.

How to attack them? Just click on them and that's it! But. No barbarian can be eliminated with a single click. The weakest of them is destroyed with only three clicks (taps). And there are also those who are in armor: they are wearing a helmet, armor and other protective equipment. So they manage to fill up at least with seven or eight clicks. Note that you need to click exactly on the savage, but he runs and quite fast!..

In this game, you can also break the mouse (if you play on a PC) — so quickly you have to click on the running savages. There are also a couple of other problems that can't be avoided. The first is the stupidity of local women. Yes, my friends, the girls run anyhow, and some savages do not find it difficult to hide behind them, which they regularly do. This seriously makes it difficult to hit the barbarians, because you can also hook a girl, but this can not be done! The second problem is clouds. In each subsequent level, they become more and more numerous, and by the fourth stage they cover more than half of the battlefield. Of course, you can't attack anyone in the clouds, which means that the player has only a small area to defeat the savages.

However, some things can be done with the help of upgrades and tools from a local store. If you completely upgrade, then eliminating barbarians becomes a little easier. Well, rakes, puddles and holes with stakes are appropriate, and sometimes even necessary, to use. Especially when the savages are fleeing from the clouds in droves.

Keep an eye out for acceptable limits! Have a good hunt for the savages, for it is not proper for them to chase girls!

You can play the game GIRLS AND SAVAGES online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.