Throughout their history, thousands of sorcerers, witches, and psychics have searched for portals. These are places that connect the real world and the otherworld. The ancient Slavs called these places Yav and Nav. Phoenician and, later, Arab craftsmen advanced much further than the rest. In those places they were able to make mirrors, the product of the interaction of the four elements opened the very portal. Real mirrors from the masters allowed you to look at the truth, while the eyes can deceive.

At the same time, legends about the black mirror and other artifacts were born. Mirrors were hung over the dead, and the Inquisition broke them, closing the magic portals. In this game, you will be able to touch magical artifacts imbued with black magic. Will you risk contacting the otherworldly? Just choose one of the flickering objects and get your answer, and only the first answer will be true, everything else is just a reflection.

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