The amazing sequel to the game with finding differences with a new set of famous paintings. Looking for a difference between copies. Sounds absurd? However, here finding for professionals, artists, for example. It they look good where a stroke is not worth it. Masterpieces in this art gallery world. Even the famous Mona Lisa is present among the paintings.

Look with increased care! The difference is sometimes not so obvious that it is difficult even to imagine what it is, even after found! Unbelievable, but true. Shades of strokes, shading, mixing colors, the folds on the clothes of the characters and stuff. Very difficult, that is why the authors was limited to only six differences in the level of.

Note that despite the complexity of the search in the game, impartially counting the seconds of precious time, provoking errors. However, you can use the Pause button, but the developers have taken into account this cheat by closing the window appearing half relevant search scope.

Going through all the levels, You seem to do is to visit the art gallery. But closely examining the painting, will be able on occasion, to show off knowledge of details in front of your friends.

You can play the game FIND THE DIFFERENCES: FAMOUS PAINTINGS 2 online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.