This masterpiece divination is worthy of special attention. Imagine You light a candle, it burns, the wax is melted, You take the candle and tilted it over the Cup, which is either coffee, or tea or something. And here is the molten wax drips on the surface of the drink and instantly solidify, leaves her flat plop. The user manual for this divination would urge us to wait until fall at least eight drops.

Smart and caring, the computer will do all of the above procedures yourself, You have to just take a burning candle and tilted it over the Cup. Waiting for the fall a few drops of wax and the appearance of the button View result click on it and read the truth. The text of the results can be quite extensive, but we recommend you to read to the end — meet pearl!

If You thought we were a bit chemicaly, making this explanatory to reading wax note, do not pay attention, after all, divination is an ongoing and exciting process of finding affirmative answers to our deepest desires! And how, sometimes, I want to recognize the validity of a particular method of divination, when at least some of his predictions coming true, and this, by the way, happens quite often, believe me!

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