It's clear that almost when disassembling the solitaire doesn't count. However, the player is clearly counting on counter-guarantees, namely that the game time also can not almost end. However, in this game that's exactly what happened. Pay attention to the ending. The notice about the end of the game appeared on the table with the rest of the time 01:11 on the scoreboard timer. The options are to resurface the cards on the table still remained. Really impossible to say that solitaire converged, because the remaining opportunities were not given the chance to win, but still.

Therefore, the fallacy of the solitaire is to chopping off the player game time. And who knows, you will not end following the game for 2, 3 or more minutes before the timer expires... you Have to keep that in mind. However, the Crescent — solitaire game itself is difficult, one might even say — challenging, and it converges extremely rare. The reason for this, including a small number of available shuffle the cards in the columns. See, the player is clearly not enough opportunities a couple of times to shuffle the remaining cards on the table. Also, significantly complicates the process of dismantling the inability to take cards vacant columns.

Summarizing, we can say that even if You are a Pro in solitaire, Crescent unlikely will often give You feeling of victory. But this game is able to show smiles to You today if luck or not, because a lot here depends on it.

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