In the game I remembered about the original design of the Israeli pavilion at the exhibition titled Expo-2010. Indeed, he was unusual and very distinctive. To stand out among the other allowed the original architects. The design of the pavilion, combines two buildings, and as if one followed from the other. The first symbolized the leaving age, and second — new technologies and their rapid development.

The Design delights you will come across in this game in the form of fragments, images that are painted on the tiles. Tiles stacked on the table in the form of a rectangle. In a very short time allotted to pass the level you must remove all of the tiles from the table. How? You need to find the total mass of identical pictures. But this is not the only criterion. Paliki (tiles) should be able to connect with each other no more than three lines intersecting at right angles. Sounds complicated, but in practice it's simple. For example, a special case of the possible connection (connection), when two tiles are next. Start playing and questions will disappear quickly.

A Special difficulty is here the brevity of the game. You must act immediately, without being distracted even for a second, to be able to disassemble the table on time. Very little time, believe me!

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