Propertywala mug staring at You from the screen, and even open-mouthed, full karasneh teeth. Nothing can be done, You must patiently look at all this and try to cure teeth, but rather remove them, so as a treat there is nothing. So, You — the dentist, the dentist. Those who visited the dentist, well aware of how broad Arsenal of tools people use this profession. You have, in this flash game, only two tools: a bat and ball. The ball is difficult, and special — striking the tooth, he annihilated it. Very simple — was a tooth hit the ball and no teeth. Most importantly this bulb is competently run and beat the racket, otherwise it will fly away and get lost, and the balls of You just five. Why not use, say, mites, and not rip out all the teeth to the patient as usual, the old-fashioned way? — ask some. Yes, it was too terrible mouth on this type, even climb the hands do not want, it is better so remotely.

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