How long have you attended the cinema? Remember, there are already almost at the entrance we found a bar that sells popcorn and all sorts of soft drinks: Cola, Fanta, juices, etc. Many people like to watch a movie with a box of salted or sweetened popcorn on his lap. This culture, itself, we will not discuss, we will just mention that wanting to eat popcorn while watching movies quite a lot. What are the owners of such bars in cinemas, selling the product at exorbitant prices.

In one of these parts of happiness is your hero, the bartender, whose actions you will be here to manage. Serve the customers by selling them this same corn, drinks and, concurrently, more and tickets to the cinema. Watch he wants a specific client, you need to give him exactly what he ordered.

As a rule, people go to the cinema shortly before the beginning of the session, so your bartender, that is, you will have to turn quickly to serve everyone. And quite a lot of them. Next to each buyer after his order, there is a timer expectations. Watch arrow did not reach zero. Without waiting for his order, the visitor may leave angry, and you won't earn money.

Before each session, the number of buyers will grow, as well as your plan to earn money. Try to do it, otherwise the bartender could be fired.

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