Car owners are well aware of the inconveniences that await them in the winter on the streets of the city. First of all, these are snow blocks, of course, which significantly narrow the roadway, and where it is already narrow, it can completely block traffic, causing traffic collisions. You may encounter something similar in this game.

Working in the bus fleet, you make daily flights around the city from stop to stop, carrying passengers. Frequent stops are associated with parking, which, combined with the length of your bus (it is a composite bus with a trailer), will require you to have the appropriate skills. As a bus driver, you must follow all the traffic rules and be able to assess the traffic situation.

Of course, bus racing is highly undesirable, especially in winter, look at the transport around you - everyone crawls barely. Observe the speed limit, and also do not pass intersections at a red traffic light. Pedestrian crosswalks should be treated especially carefully, because many pedestrians do not even look around!

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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