Karych and Nyusha from Smesharikov, it turns out, also love football! Moreover, they play very well. More precisely, they are standing on the gate. The game is called Goalkeepers, and all football here is concentrated at the gate. Depending on the selected mode, you will be either a striker or a goalkeeper. Choose a difficulty level (from 1 to 3), a training session, or a tournament. During training, the following options are possible::

  • Play with an experienced opponent (try to score more goals for Karych).
  • Goal defense (here you are the goalkeeper).
  • Training with a strong player (Nyusha is on goal, and it's not easy for her to score a goal).

At the tournament, you have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills you have learned in training, trying to beat Karych, who is defending the goal. As it turned out, Karych is an excellent goalkeeper and it is extremely difficult to roll the ball to him on the third level of difficulty.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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