A good multi-level puzzle game that tells about the topical subject of any vacationer. How to get rid of weeds? In this game it's simple. There are special mowers, who go and destroy the weeds. However, it is not so simple. The mower can pass only along a certain route. At each level the number of cars and different lanes for traffic too. Follow the arrows that indicate where this point is going lawn mower. Rock the weeds at least here in the virtual world, as in reality You are unlikely to fully overcome them.

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Games for tablet and smartphone
Games for tablet and smartphone

You can play the game TO GET RID OF WEEDS online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.