In a short time you need to solve the task correctly connect light bulbs to batteries. The first correctness criterion is the color. Everything is simple: blue battery-blue light, red to red, green to green and so on. But the second criterion is actually the logic of this game. In confined spaces (playing fields), the wires that you have to pull from the batteries to the bulbs, it is possible to build only one certain way. At the same time, the rules of the game insist that padded wire took all squares. Thus, it may be a situation that you dialed correctly, but you do not count as passed, as the field remained empty squares. To prevent such a situation, you need to perepoloshit separate transactions so that they took including the remaining empty squares. The last step is simple, but requires time, and this game is sorely lacking!

By the Way, the problem should be considered in detail. Note that as such clocks or timers is not here, that is, until you do nothing and just watch and pretend as a puzzle to solve, nothing not happening. But once you start laying wire, for each held a square from the time pool shall be deducted the unit. The reference time on the decision level contains a certain number of such time units. Thus, if you are going to get involved in the reinstallation of the networks, the risk does not fit in the designated level limit.

This simple case. Do not immediately try to connect first caught the eye of a few battery-bulb, you first need to pave all the routes in his head and, realizing that they are true, to implement them directly in the game.

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