Yes, my friends, will put on three stones in a row. And it is not simple any stone, like granite or marble, and amazing cut: Topaz, sapphire, emerald, ruby or diamond. It is unfortunate that in the case of successful completion of a task, the screen rolls out at least one such a rock as a prize. It would be nice!

Games with a permutation of the pebbles are not uncommon in the rating section of three in a row, but this distinguishes multi-level and smooth (it is smooth!) the increasing level of difficulty when you move up in stages. By the way, from time to time, in the process of the game before you can jump out the window, like those that usually hang out in the finale. Don't worry, it's only increasing the level number, not the end of the game.

To earn a promotion, you need to completely close the plan for the current stage. Watch his run in the right square with larger than field stones. Every element in this square, and here, you see all of those that participate in the game on the main field will be filled with background color. The fill level and indicates the progress of the task. Once the cell is completely filled with this color, it a tick will appear, signaling the closure plan for this particular stone. It is a signal to you about what you need to focus on the Assembly of the rows of the others, is not marked in terms of ticks, stones. Jackdaws all of the tiles means that now you will level up (level up).

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