The old miner had seen a lot in his life. His work was closely connected with the mine, where he sometimes spent hours working the rock, trying to find something valuable. But in vain. It had been a long time since his friend had found the last nugget, and since then the mine had been empty of gifts. Workers began to leave, moving to work in other areas of the region, and only our old man, going down to the mine every day, dug and dug. He believed that a lucky day would come and he would find the stones. Lots of rocks. And such a day has come.

With incredible difficulty, the miner tore down the layer of rock and discovered countless deposits of precious stones. There were emeralds, rubies, agates, sapphires, and other natural treasures. Happy with his luck, the old man thought about how to properly analyze these finds.

Help the miner to disassemble the gems. Collect chains of three or more stones of the same shape and color. By moving the line of colored stones of stones, make the same rows horizontally or vertically.

Note that the game works not only on a regular computer, but also on tablets and smartphones, without downloading or installing it, so you can easily take it with you on the road by opening it in any browser on your favorite device.

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